Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Future of Prison in America....

What is the big deal about prisoners in America? Maybe the fact that with over 2 million men and women behind bars, there are around 50 million others in this country directly affected by those locked up. That's a lot of guard's, administrator's, moms, dads, wives, sons and friends. I have an idea, Lets hear some of what these criminals and ex-criminals have to say about their stay in club fed( These are the only con's I can speak to and speak for, since I have been a federal inmate for the past 14 years now.) Let the foolios speak for themselves ; and let those who have made a genuine effort to rehabilitate themselves speak for themselves. It's about time I said something worth listening to, after so many years of nonsense.

Sometime in the near future our prisons will be so overcrowded that the government will have to choose between two options : extermination or letting some people go. With the present states of the system and the general inmate being released, I am for extermination-even if that means that I have to jump out there first. There is the chance that if society and some free- thinking individuals with a little compassion will hear what is missing from inside these walls, rehabilitation and a true spirit of communication could be had.

Thank you for opening a page and opening an ear- I promise to be entertaining and informative. I invite all the criticism and advice.

Beau Hansen

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