Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I appreciate the fact that many of you out there sympathize with men and women behind bars, doing long stretches time, etc. But my greatest hope in establishing something of a voice from in here is not to wave this banner of justification or call to arms those who see the goodness in those convicted.....though those things do exist, I want it to be clear that most of the men and women behind bars have earned it.

Perhaps not lifetimes, and perhaps not even years, but they have earned it. And most of them continue to prove they deserve nothing better- I speak from experience- because they use this time for gang activity, drug usage, pinochle and dominoes and BET and CMT and TeenMom. The exception to this rule will eventually get out and make big changes in their communities- and for these men and women I would ask that all of you think about the necessary changes that might be enacted within the American prison complex.

The number of men and women who make the decision to change can be vastly increased with a little more available impetus- and an elevated penalty for those who choose not to make the changes society expects. You have the power to create a system that works. And this does affect you- and your families


  1. Amazing to see you're doing some great things with your time. It's great to see you turning a negative into a positive and it's very inspirational. My brother's an ex-con of sorts, he sadly passed away in prison. I'm sure he was trying to make that change too. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you! Beau will be so pleased to red this comment when I send it to him. Thanks for following our blog!