Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Story of the Six-Man Cell-Bujak (Part 3)

My name is Bujak and, though I spent a few years at USP Pollock in Louisiana, I have always been non violent. I am fairly unassuming. I have a bulbous nose and the rounded features of a bridge-dwelling drunk, but these are all misrepresentations I was born with. I'm simply an ugly Polock with a kind heart and a penchant for interpreting life in terms of magic and dragon wisdom, elves and the soft cruelty of a dwarf who has been away from kin for too long. I grew up in the ugly streets of Chicago and can rob a drug dealer without his knowing it until I'm long gone and high. I can become invisible in a department store and steal a thousand dollars worth of sh*t while helping other customers fit into clothes fat to small for their gargantuan egos. I watched inmates butcher one another on the USP yard in Pollock, Louisiana and related it to dice rolls in a D&D game- these are the ways of life, right? Ups and downs decide, more or less, by personal decisions but, in the end, by fate. The guy who lost that battle and was taken to a distant hospital by lifeFlight made some poor decisions, and the prevailing attitude dictated that those decisions couldn't be over looked. If only he'd been on this FCI yard...who knows, though?

I uptalk. Yeah, I know- what the hell is uptalk? apparently a few people read that article in Cosmo or Maxim or wherever the hell Beau found it before tagging me as the "uptalker". Uptalking, as I received it is the tendency for insecure people to defend their spoken thoughts with a noticeable elevation in pitch at the end of any statement. I didn't notice it in anyone's speech until Beau pointed to the curious flaw in my own. And now I hate it, and I see the defensiveness in it every time it rises from the end of a paragraph. Beau sees shit like that and measure people by it. I wouldn't call him brilliant but he's good at appraising the strengths and weaknesses in people and attracting the better in them, If only for a minute until they crumble beneath the pressure of his expectations. He's kind of like the guy who's supposed to be making important decisions somewhere but hasn't figured out how to string a few achievements together and move up.

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